About Us

Northwest RC Club was formed in 1992 with the intent of providing a safe and fun flying environment. Northwest RC has become home of the sport flyers, a giant scale squadron, and boast some of the best instructors around. With rules against "racing aircraft", the relaxed cordial mood fills the fields with flyers.
Past feature events include the "North West Big Bird & Warbird Fly-In" which had over 400 spectators and 50 gaint scale aircraft participating in 1994.
Experienced instructors are ready to teach you to fly confidently and safely, and the student pilot training program is free with membership.
If you're a beginner, novice, or veteran RC pilot, we invite you to come enjoy the fun, friendly, and relaxed flying atmosphere here at Northwest RC Club.
You can use the contact us tab on the side for directions and a map to our new location just west of Ramsey town center.
Club Rules
(This is a work in progress)
Northwest RC Club does not have any rule against 3D style flying as long as it is done in a responsible manner so as not to put the pilot or anyone else at risk for injury. The 3D flyer should be aware of others who are flying the pattern and yield to someone who may be taking off or landing, and preferably do their 3D flying off the far side of the runway when possible. The "standard" rules regarding pilot courtesy, no flying over the pits, calling out your intentions, ie takeoff and landing and not flying in a reckless manner still apply. Dead stick aircraft always have priority. All AMA RULES apply. 

 ALL Gas Models MUST have a muffler to reduce engine noise.